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Many, many moons ago, I entered the world of publishing with my first novel, which was called, Flawless Mistake, a romantic suspense thriller about a thief named Spencer and a reluctant hero named Sione. While the cover and title has changed (several times) over the years, the heart of the story is still as compelling as it was when I first published it.

She thought she’d killed him …
She should have made sure he was dead

Spencer Edwards finally has her life back on track.

Once desperate and destitute, she’d resorted to drugging older, wealthy men and stealing their valuables. But those horrible choices and the terrible things she did are in the past. She now has steady employment and hope for a bright future. With her mistakes behind her, she’s ready to move on with her life.

Only one thing can stop her.

Ben Chang.

The handsome businessman had once been her lover but that changed the night he tried to kill her.

The night she left him for dead.

Spencer thought she’d killed him.

But Ben is back, alive and well … and out for revenge.

Spencer took something from him, and he wants it back.

Or he’ll make her pay for her deadly mistake.

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Cynseer Booklover
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This is the first book I have read by Rachel Woods...and it was everything I like in thriller/suspense novels. I found myself on edge with each page, wondering what would happen next. The characters were complex as the story unfolded. It is left with you wondering what Spencer will have to do to escape certain death. Loved it...and am looking to the next book. Highly recommended.
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Very intriguing from the very start. I was on the edge of my seat reading about what would happen to Spencer. All the characters in this book were so peculiar that they left me wanting to know more about them. Ben and Sione and everything about their past was interesting and I definitely want to learn more about them in the next books. Ben and Spencer have an intense relationship. I liked how it takes place at two different locations and it just continues from there. A great read and I want to read the next books.
Jeanette Whetzel
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I am looking forward to the next book in this series. It's well written and leaves you on edge wondering what will happen next. While I don't like what Spence and her sister Rae are doing,I am glad when Spencer try's to stop. But Ben is a ruthless man and I cannot really decide if he ever cares about Spencer or it was his plan all long.And there are some very interesting added things to make it more suspenseful . This book has a lot going for it . It is well worth every word to read.

The spencer & sione series

Gripping romantic suspense series with steamy romance, unpredictable plot twists and devastating consequences of deceit.

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