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When I decided to make the Palmchat Island Mysteries my next writing project, I realized that Vivian and Leo were the perfect characters to star in the series. Their “second chance at romance love” story provides lots of issues to explore as they navigate the marriage landscape.

In the bedroom of a mansion near the sea, a handcuffed man struggles against his restraints.

He can’t remember how he was captured, but there’s a woman in the room with him. Walking toward him, she smiles as she holds a knife…

He knows he’s going to die.

And he knows who’s going to kill him.

When the man’s body washes up on a pristine white sand beach, married journalists Vivian and Leo Bronson search for answers. After finding out the victim was killed in a ritualistic murder, they uncover an ultra-secret cult whose members perform bizarre rituals. 

Going undercover to get the truth, Vivian and Leo find themselves face to face with a demented killer who believes that murder is a sacrifice worth making …

Note: This book is an updated and revised version of the previously published “The Prodigal Captive.”

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Trina High
Amazon Review
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Murder mystery is probably my favorite genre, so I'm hard to impress, but "The Prodigal Captive" knocked it out of the park! This tome perfectly blended suspense with action with dialogue, and the characters are drawn well, too. I also like books with serial killers with unique M.O.s and if there's a cult involved, all-the-better! I won't ruin your reading by giving away the mystery of "eros", but it is fantastic.
Terez Lyle
Amazon Review
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Rachel Woods is my next favorite author. I simply loved this book and read it in one sitting. The story was extremely well written and flowed. The characters were awesome and I honestly can’t wait for the next book in the Palmchat Islands Mystery series.
Bobbi Koe
Amazon Review
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“THE PRODIGAL CAPTIVE” had lots of suspense, some thrilling investigative twists and turns, and this reader was on the edge of her seat flipping pages as quickly as they were read. Pool balls could not dislodge me from my Kindle’s call. I read it in one sitting because I could not put “THE PRODIGAL CAPTIVE” down until I had read every word. Excellent writing, compelling plot and some unique characters that were decently developed and Rachel Wood’s easy prose make “THE PRODIGAL CAPTIVE” a great weekend read. I absolutely loved it!

Palmchat island mysteries

Married journalists, Vivian and Leo, manage the island newspaper while solving crimes as they chase leads for their next story.

Books can be read in any order.