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Much like first responders, journalists also race to the scene of the crime. Vivian and Leo are no exception as they believe that the public has the right to know and they are committed to informing the public—even if doing so proves to be dangerous.

After a night of drinking, a young woman just wants to go home and straight to bed. 

Before she can open the door her house, she collapses on the front porch.

At the hospital, doctors believe she had too much to drink, and will be fine.

But in the middle of the night, she convulses and dies.

Journalist Vivian Thomas-Bronson doesn’t believe the young woman’s death was an accidental overdose from a powerful painkiller. The hospital staff’s conflicting stories raise doubts, but the young woman’s shady past is more suspicious.

Along with her husband, Leo, Vivian discovers the young woman’s dangerous secrets might have gotten her killed. As they search for the truth, Vivian and Leo come across several suspects. But if they aren’t careful, they could find themselves in the way of a killer’s vengeance.

Note: This book is an updated and revised version of the previously published “The Vengeful Caller.”

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Mallory A. Haws
Amazon Review
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THE VENGEFUL CALLER is a really intriguing romantic suspense tale set in paradisical surroundings on a Caribbean island. The characters are readily likable, and even the bad guys are comprehensible. From the electrifying reader's hook (where i found myself sympathizing with both killer and victim), suspense is unstoppable and the more the revelations, the more there is to discover, making for a fast-paced story.
C. Nesler
Amazon Review
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I started this book this morning and just finished it. I honestly couldn't put it down. I am a sucker for murder mysteries and The Vengeful Caller did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve the mystery of who killed Phoebe. There were a few unexpected twists, which will definitely keep the reader guessing til the end. You really have to pay attention to even the smallest seemingly insignificant details. I thought each of the characters were really brought to life by the addition of a backstory for them, instead of having these flat two dimensional characters who are only there for plot progression.
Amazon Review
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Vengeful Caller is Rachel Woods best book that I have ever read by her! Rachel has written great books in the past but this went above and beyond. It was fast paced, twists and turns at every corner, shady doctors and nurses, murder investigations, hotel scams, husband and wife investigators, major cover ups, reporters trying to get the real story, fake autopsies, a Ginger boyfriend, and an ending you never saw coming.

Palmchat island mysteries

Married journalists, Vivian and Leo, manage the island newspaper while solving crimes as they chase leads for their next story.

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